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October is National Reading Group Month

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I remember certain mornings when I'd find our best platters heaped with various forbidden snacks: homemade fudge, miniature pies and cookies. I was not allowed to touch these, no matter how enticing they were; these treats were reserved for my mother’s book club.

The fact that my mother was so dedicated to her book club would have surprised anyone. She is a highly energetic career woman with very little patience for leisure. So the thought of her curling up in an armchair with a book on her lap was almost laughable. However, with the simple addition of a few friends and a some baked goods, she was able to embrace her reading group with open arms and a lasting love of books.

My mother’s story is one that speaks volumes about reading groups in general. The fact is that reading groups aren’t just about reading; they are about communicating with friends through analysis and sharing ideas. Which is probably why the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) started National Reading Group Month—31 days designed “to foster the values reading groups encourage: camaraderie, enjoyment of shared reading, and appreciation of literature and reading as conduits for transmitting culture.” To celebrate, WNBA chapters all across the country will be hosting readings and book signings all month.

If you’re interested in starting your own reading group but have no idea what sort of books to pick, here's a recommended reading list of all-time favorites from the editors of Verily:


Don't judge a book club by it's cover; the discussions–and unique perspectives you never knew your friends had–will surprise you. So whether you're looking for like-minded lovers of classics or just an excuse to chat over cupcakes, expand your literary horizon this coming month with a good book, a few friends, and some rewarding refreshments.

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