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Fashion Week Feet

Editor's note: This week, in addition to our regularly scheduled content, we will be bringing you a bit of Verily from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Enjoy!

New York Fashion Week is here, bringing the city's spirit of style one-upmanship to an all time high. Lincoln Center, teeming with photographers and reporters, has been transformed into a perpetual photo-op of industry celebrities brushing shoulders with the average fashion enthusiasts. And, every male I know won’t leave his apartment without looking at least somewhat presentable, on the off-chance of meeting a runway model in the hummus aisle at Fairway.

As incredible as the designers' collections may be, it is the individuals in attendance who often steal the show. No matter what trends are walking down the runway inside, outside Lincoln Center is an entirely different story: anything goes. The more lawless the look, the better.

In what felt like something of an anthropological study, I took a few minutes yesterday before the Custo Barcelona show to document the shoes around me.  My findings are as follows.

The good, the crazy, and the uncomfortable:




Which are good and which are crazy? The great thing about Fashion Week is that you can be the judge!

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