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Cents & Sensibility: A Modest Taste of Downton Abbey


If you've read our teaser issue, you know that the ladies of Verily are huge fans of the gripping TV series Downton Abbey (see our feature here). With season 3 set to premiere in the UK next week, we're catching up on previous seasons and can't help but be inspired by the sumptuous Edwardian style, particularly Lady Mary's warm and elegant bedroom reminiscent of an autumn night.

Inspired by nature and fit for a lady, Edwardian decor called on florals and rich hues, using patterns that were feminine yet strong, intimate yet sophisticated. Luckily there are some great Edwardian-influenced finds on store shelves today, so you needn't be lucky at an estate sale or have a lord's income to savor it. You might even be able to save enough to splurge on a timeless perfume worthy of completing a dowager countess' toilette: Imperiale by Guerlain (c.1853, $58) and Colonia by Acqua di Parma (c.1916, $86) have been in constant production for so long that the women of Downton might actually have worn them!


1. Rug, Kohl's, $25 // 2. Picture frame, Modcloth, $17 // 3. Lamp, Target, $10 // 4. Clock, Target, $19 // 5. Perfume bottle, Modcloth, $10 // 6. Vanity, Modcloth, $19

Keep calm and spend smart. Indulging in a little luxury without breaking the bank, that makes cents & sensibility!

(Photo still from Downton Abbey)