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Break the Rules, Not the Bank: "Not Really A Thing"

Once, for a fashion magazine, I pitched an idea about a feature on brooches. I know, even just saying the word brooches summons the image of heavily perfumed, little, old ladies playing bridge, each at her turn showing more lipstick on her teeth than the last. I was promptly turned down. I believe the editor's exact words were, “That’s…not really a thing.”

Full disclosure: I love old-lady wear. And I have what can only be described as a stockpile of brooches and pins in my personal possession. I've picked them up very cheaply at thrift shops and flea markets throughout the years, and I like to wear them both individually and in shameless clusters.


Then, the other day my sister dragged me to the mall, and what did I see? Brooches. Everywhere. And most of them for about fifty bucks a pop. The teen department store had been turned into a knitting convention.

So when does something officially become "a thing"? When the professionals sayit is? An enormous misconception running rampant among us is that fashion magazines have  an omniscient pulse on the style world. But, in reality, they draw their inspiration and information from outside their editorial office.

My point is: Don’t wait around for the experts to tell you how to dress. Embrace your idiosyncratic quirks, and flaunt them. If you wanna dress like a champion bridge player, I say dress like a champion bridge player. Trends start when a few people do their own thing. Be your own person, and let the world catch up to you.

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Courtney Kampa

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