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Sweet Sounds of Autumn

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“There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!” —P.B. Shelley

Well, as unfortunate as it is true, summer is basically over. The weather is becoming cooler, we’re ready to resurrect our Frye boots from the closet archives and my absolute favorite season of all is rounding the corner. Although the transition from summer to fall may be a tough one, the excitement I receive from converting my summer music to the sweet sounds of autumn melancholy is a little bit absurd. I know that it’s tough to say goodbye to summer, to the outdoor concerts, and to late night rooftop chit chats, but think of how stunning the trees in Central Park will soon be and how much you’ve missed sipping on your pumpkin spiced latte. In order to help ease your transition to the oncoming season, I’ve prepared a playlist to gear your senses in the direction of crisp cool air and leaf-filled sidewalks.

Bon Iver – Wash

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I refuse to believe there is a better seasonal artist than Bon Iver. He has such a gift of making the sweetest, most ethereal music and then absolutely smothers it with the purest of vocals.

Radical Face – Black Eyes

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Radical Face is without a doubt my go-to fall musician. There’s something strangely ominous and melancholic about his sound, yet it's so beautiful. When there is an artist who is able to connect so well with an audience’s ethos and with the season's harboring sadness, the music becomes absolutely conducive to the listeners well-being.

Soap & Skin – Fall Foliage

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I mean, just reading the name of the song gets you a bit in the mood, doesn’t it?

Beacon – Feeling’s Gone

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I came across this song last week, and I could not have found it at a better time! Beacon comes right from the heart of Brooklyn, and their ability to create a darker sound while keeping it rather upbeat really just plays with your heartstrings.  Beacon’s debut EP For Now will be out October 2. I cannot wait to hear what other brilliant sounds these two have created.

Lykke Li – Sadness is a Blessing

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This is the queen of rhythmic blues. Miss Lykke Li can take the gloomiest of atmospheres and turn it into the most stunning of songs.

chill out music

Allison Baughman

chill out music

Allison has a BA in Literature from Ave Maria University and is a music enthusiast who freelance writes and blogs for several websites about anything pertaining to music. She can be found at random concerts in New York City, hunting for vintage books or spending time with her family in the comforts of Connecticut.