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Star Spangled Style

( Urban Outfitters American Flag Muscle Tee)


OK, we're having some serious fun this week for the Fourth of July, and our fashion sense is following suit! Why not play on a patriotic theme by incorporating a little red, white and blue into your outfit for Independence Day festivities?

Stars and stripes are done just right with Shabby Apple's red and white race skirt and Dorothy Perkins' classic and sweet star patterned dress. Each piece stands on it's own and can be worn all throughout the summer. If you want to go all out and be "Ms. America the Beautiful" for the day, wear an all-American ensemble from head to toe (literally!): swipe on red and blue nail polish, a star-spangled scarf, and nautical espadrilles!


1. Shabby Apple / 2. Dorothy Perkins / 3. Endless Earrings / 4. ModCloth / 5. Forever21 / 6. Butter London Lacquer / 7. Mia Shoes, Macy's