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Simple vs. Splurge: Outdoor Games for the Unathletic Soul

Summer is the time to get outdoors, head to the park, and spend quality time with friends and family. For me, it's a great excuse to get outside and play games. But, after one step into the heat wave, it can be tempting to get back indoors stat -- before melting! My good sportsmanship can disappear at the thought of playing anything that comes with physical exercion.


But we don't need to let the heat stop our fun in the sun! Here are three top outdoor games you can play this summer without breaking a sweat. If you have so much fun that you decide you'd like to invest in one of these games, we included some deluxe versions to splurge on!


1. Bocce Ball. Nothing can be as frustrating and fun as a game of aim. Get a functional nine-piece set with carrying case or upgrade to professional grade with a set from Franklin Sports. (Splurge: Jaques $59.99)

2. Badminton. The dainty lady's tennis. It's as easy as scoping out a spot of green and pitching a net. You can pick up a simple Dunlop four-player set or throw in a volleyball for Franklin's advanced set. (Splurge: Jaques $59.99)

3. Frisbee. Still the simplest and cheapest outdoor sport. While ultimate-frisbee aficionados have found a way to break a major sweat throwing around a near-weightless plastic disc, the sport remains just as versatile for the low-key twosome passing it back and forth. Grab a glow-in-the-dark disc for games that can go far past dusk. (Splurge: Ultimate Frisbee $19)

Photograph courtesy of frank3.0 on Flickr.