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Readers Respond - Thinspiration?

After our Thinspiration post last week, we were so uplifted by readers' voices and stories as they not only encouraged our mission to provide healthy body images, but also our hope for women to come to know and understand their own worth.

"Striking down thinspiration boards and blogs is good. Promoting healthier models at Spanish Fashion week, Changes at Vogue, and the Seventeen Body Peace Treaty is better and more visible, but they are only bandaids on a dreadful wound–the deep and gorgeous dignity of woman.

Women do not know they are loved. They do not know they are beautiful and powerful in a way different but equal to men. I should say we, because this includes me. We can pin all the inspirational quotes on Pinterest about our worth, and pray and work to live the reality of our goodness, but we also need to receive love from others. This is a monumental task for many women.

Conrad Baars wrote beautifully on the need for affirmation (i.e., true selfless love), and healing from this emotional deprivation, and so many other feminists have done the same, to include Gianna Molla, Edith Stein, & of course Karol Wojtyla!

I think the movements in magazine and fashion circles are good, but will not take root unless we love each other and become part of serious efforts to honor the full dignity of woman–body, mind and soul." - Jess Smith

And Sunny inspired us by revealing her past struggle and new found peace with not only her body, but with herself:

"I think as women, being role models for young girls is our duty. We need to inspire girls to love themselves. We need to inspire girls to know that they are beautiful in their own ways. They don’t need to cake on make-up. They don’t need to have the most up to date clothes. They don’t need to hate themselves because they don’t look like super models.

My freshman year of high school, after being called fat (even by my own mother) and ugly, I developed an eating disorder. I would have my older friends buy me diet pills. I would pop those, not eat and go work out. I had trouble with my menstrual cycle, was emotionally unstable, and eventually passed out during gym. It was only then that I was approached by my TRUE friends and got back to a healthy weight.

I’m FINALLY happy with myself. I’m almost 26 years old and have passed all my medical tests with flying colors, have learned to embrace my hour-glass figure, find clothes that accentuate what I have been blessed with…Point being, it took me 26 YEARS to be happy. It’s now my job to tell girls that it SHOULDN’T take them this long."

As for celebrities who are speaking out in positive favor for healthy body image:

"Actress Kate Winslet: She has a beautiful, curvy body AND she speaks out about having a healthy body image." - Mary Ellen