Readers Respond! Tankini Options

We had overwhelmingly positive responses from last week's "Most Revealing Swimwear" as readers chimed in to share their personal stories, opinions and support for sporting one-piece bathing suits. Thank you for sharing with us! We also received a request:

"I appreciate your selection of modest swimwear, but would you consider also showcasing some modest two-piece options? As a nursing mom, I find tankini-type suits a lot more convenient for my current season of life, but I’d like to know what affordable and fashionable options are out there!" – Amy

Below are some of our favorite tankini options. You're right, a one-piece is great, but a two piece that covers the same amount of skin is sometimes plain practical!


1. Ruche $79.99 / 2. Lucky Brand $78.00 / 3. Lime Ricki $48.99