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4 Healthy Snacks That Give Back

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snacks, healthy food

A feeling of emptiness, fatigue, lack of concentration, nausea. Everyone knows what it's like to feel the pangs of hunger, but not all of us are forced to go hungry for days due to a lack of nutritious food. Each year, roughly 20 million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition; over 1 million children die as a direct result.

Socially conscious companies are using business to come up with innovative ways to solve global problems like childhood hunger. Two Degrees Food aims to alleviate global childhood hunger by donating a meal to a child in need for every bar sold. They've already committed 500,000 meals to hungry children through their network of non-profit organizations around the world.

Use your hunger to feed another by rounding up some of these healthy snacks that give back.

snacks, healthy food

1. Two Degrees Food Chocolate Peanut Bar. All natural, gluten free, vegan, and yes, tasty! At 190 calories a serving, this is a wonderful go-to for that afternoon chocolate pick-me-up.

2. Love & hummus. Who knew giving back could come in 4 flavors? This hummus is all organic, lovingly handmade in a green kitchen, and scooped into earth-friendly packaging. A portion of their net profits is donated to amazing non profits.

3. Organic Valley Drinkable Yogurt. At 160 calories a serving, this pourable yogurt made with organic, Fair Trade and unrefined ingredients makes it a healthy addition to your diet. Organic Valley directly supports families of small farmers who strictly adhere to organic methods of farming.

4. Organic Prairie Beef Jerky. For you meat lovers out there, satisfy your craving with flavors like Spicy Hickory, Smokey Chipotle or Prairie classic. Each serving is only 60 calories. Organic Prairie and Organic Valley both make up the CROPP initiative.

It's a simple, affordable choice to help others in need. Just stock up on these snacks and you + someone else out there might never have to go hungry again.

(Top image courtesy of Two Degrees Food)