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Who Do You Dress For?


Who do you dress for? My guess is that many women, including myself, may instinctively respond, “I dress for myself, of course!” or “I wear whatever I want and makes me feel good!”

It’s certainly good to know ourselves; our likes and dislikes, our unique body shapes, fashion aesthetic, and sense of style. Fashion is fun after all! But to proudly say, “I only dress for myself and can wear whatever I want” doesn’t quite settle as entirely true in my head and heart.

Our daily fashion choices are affected by so many influences. The simple fact that we are able to truly choose what we say with our clothes is powerful—we can decide what we want to reveal and what we don't. So, although we embrace the fact that our style can be an expression, a revealing of our personalities, I think what may be overlooked is that fashion doesn’t exist in isolation; we are not in isolation. How we dress definitely affects those around us; for good or for bad.

This simple realization is powerful and can bring us a greater awareness and regard for ourselves and others. We should all strive to show our true loveliness and dignity to the world around us.

And that is truly beautiful.

(photo via scotch&soda)