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Soulmates and Happily Ever Afters


“Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told...”

I have a confession: I was hooked on Natasha Bedingfield's song “Soulmate” for a little while. It's just so catchy! My guess is that many of us like it for more than just the tune though; the sentiments expressed in the song tug at our romantic hearts. Don't you want to find a soulmate to start a happily ever after?

Like so many girls, I remember growing up reading fairytales and finding my imagination running off into the sunset with the prince who was guaranteed to solve all my life's ills. Fast forward to adulthood, and the possibility of being rescued by a prince seems less and less likely -- or desirable. Still, the lingering wish for a soulmate remains in the hearts of many young adults, men and women alike.

Did you notice the surprising fact in the Teaser Issue? “In a study by Brad Wilcox at the University of Virginia, 67% of women believe in soulmates, compared to 63% of men. Those that believe in soulmates are found to be 150% more likely to end up divorced.”

Perhaps this is because the very idea of soulmates implies a perfect understanding and satisfaction of each other's needs. But, compatibility and a healthy happy relationship is less something that happens to us; rather, it is a reality that we actively create by a series of daily choices.

In fact, a recent study shows that the secret to happy marriage lies in small acts of generosity! 50% of the couples that had the highest-average generosity scores reported being “very happy” in their marriages. It's never too early to start practicing these small acts of generosity outside of marriage, too, and maybe –- just maybe –- they will help improve the quality of all our current relationships, starting today.

(Image via Flickr user wildphotons)