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Readers Weigh In - "What To Do After 'I Don't"

We love our readers! Below is a readers' response from Wednesday's post on advice for healthy healing after breaking up:

My #1 piece of post-break up advice is this: stay rooted in reality. In my experience, it is incredibly easy to idealize a relationship once it's over, to forget the reasons why you broke up, and to fantasize about all of the possible scenarios in which he might come knocking at your door, begging you to take him back. All of this just serves to make the healing process slower and much, much more painful (if not impossible!). Thus, reminding yourself about the reality of the relationship (the good and the bad) and checking yourself when you start to daydream is essential to the healing process. I have found that having one or two good friends who will call me out when I begin to dwell on/distort the past is a key part of staying rooted in reality. - Christina Grace

Great advice, Christina! Staying rooted in reality is necessary for healing, and also for building a relationship in the future. We love the role that good friends play in helping to keep us accountable! Thanks for your comment.