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Readers Weigh In - Green Sleeves

Below are a few readers' responses from Tuesday's post on sustainable fashion!

Janet, I have been on the hunt for casual peep toe lace-up shoes and have actually been stopping into the Coclico store on Mott St. in NYC to drool over these exact shoes. They cost something like $300.00. Any recommendation for achieving this style without blowing the bank?" -- Monica Gabriel

Monica, here are few reasonable summer wedge options that are still eco-friendly!


1. Irena Vegan PeepToe Wedge $39.99 / 2. Madden Girl Vegan Wedge $32.90 / 3. NEW TOMS Strappy Wedge $69.00

And thank you, Courtney Orillion, for your lovely advice:

"My way of going green is simple: Only buy high quality clothes that I am completely in love with. When I buy clothes I ask myself, “Will this last to be my daughter’s vintage?”

We're all about timeless pieces that last for ages.