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Love Verily? Nominate us!


Think Verily is awesome and that others should know? Help us spread the word by nominating Verily as one of the "Top 100 Websites for Women 2012" on Forbes! Leave a comment in this article nominating and explain why you like it, how it's unique to all the other sites out there, how it is relevant to your life, and why it deserves to make the 2012 list of the best websites for women.

But hurry! Nominations close in the next couple of days!

Why nominate Verily? Perhaps you could cite how our content offers fresh insight into what it means to be an authentic woman in the 21st century, combining smart content, inspiration, beautiful design, and real stories that engage women from all walks of life in conversation. Our interviews, articles, and journalism provides practical and valuable information with interesting perspectives not heard in other magazines. The blog is meaty and thought-provoking with interesting tidbits every day throughout the week while we await the next issue. We can't wait to see what you find great about us!

Thanks for your readership and support!

Access the Forbes article to nominate Verily here