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Live Indie Concerts to Start Off Your Summer


Summer is only days away, and for most of America, we're at that point where we can open the windows wide, yet not quite at the point where that would mean dying of heatstroke. For me, nothing's more refreshing these days than letting in some fresh air and playing a good album on my old clunky stereo--which may not be small and cute like an iPod but which definitely brings the high-quality audio, and a touch of '90s decor. If you're thinking of John Cusack in Say Anything, we're on the same page.

To me, the only thing better than this is--of course--hearing music live. Nothing rings in the breezy days of summer more than fresh Indie music, so allow me to suggest some ideas for some late spring / early summer concerts coming up.

For those on the East Coast, check out Kat Quinn. With traces of Colbie Callait and Michelle Branch, her sound manages to have lightness and depth at the same time. Just listen to her first EP "Exhale" and you'll understand. Find her playing in New York and Massachusetts in the coming months.

For those on the West Coast, check out Paul Spring. With a voice that I'm convinced could keep him gainfully employed as a Billy Joel-cover singer, he delivers songs that instead match the soft substance of Dave Matthews, with winning energetic melodies similar to Pete Yorn--plus seriously powerful guitar leads to top it off. Play "Jackson Pollock" and you'll already feel a summer road trip coming on. Find him these days playing in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

(photo courtesy of Kat Quinn)