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Green Sleeves — Sustainable Fashion

(photo courtesy of AFIA's Summer 2012 line)


It’s safe to say “living green” is a popular ideal nowadays, and the fashion and textile industries have taken note! Both ECO and socially conscious lines have emerged from top designers and upcoming artists who care deeply about creating alternative fashion that respects fair labor laws, the health of consumers, and leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Following suit from H&M’s conscious lines, Topshop has partnered with Reclaim to Wear and released its first collection made entirely from surplus stock and product runoff.

Hollywood has been riding the green bandwagon, and Livia Firth, wife to Oscar winner Colin Firth, is making waves with her green-carpet challenges, new eco-line, and online magazine & shop,! Check out this fantastic resource for all things environmentally stylish.

Want a more wallet-friendly way to dress a little greener? Instead of buying new, start with your own closet. Creatively reusing clothes cuts down on waste, a big win for the planet.

All you stylish and savvy spenders out there, we’d love to hear your thrifty tricks for reworking your wardrobes!

Noteworthy ECO Watch


1. Kuyichi / 2. AFIA, Timeless Dress / 3. Topshop & Reclaim to Wear / 4. Curartor, Matty Dress / 5. Coclico