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Girl's Got Gumption - Jessica Lawrence of NY Tech Meetup


Technology has forever changed the way we live and interact with one another. Billions of dollars in value have been created by tech startups, and the industry on the whole is still a growing enterprise with incredible opportunities on the horizon.

Cue in women who've made a successful career out of tech in the last couple of decades. My best friend is a programmer at a competitive financial software company. She graduated from a top university with a degree in computer science. She's beautiful, intelligent, kind and an incredibly valued member of her team. Yet she struggles to identify with females in her industry; she struggles because, in fact, there just aren't many women in her work community, period.

Knowing this, I was inspired to include a piece in Verily'steaser issue highlighting Jessica Lawrence, Managing Director of the highly lauded NY Tech Meetup. She's what many people would call a fireball: confident, passionate and managing the growth of a powerful NY tech startup community.

Jessica's story is a compelling one, full of daring decisions she made that inspire us to get out there and make some giant leaps of our own. Through her story, we hope you are inspired to meet the world with the same spirited initiative, resourcefulness, and gumption. After all, it takes courage to become who you really are. After you make your giant leaps, we'll be here to celebrate them with you too.

(Photo by Anne-Marie Cheely)