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Ask and You Shall Receive - Travel Advice


Ever been on vacation when you were faced with inconveniences that put a damper on your trip? Perhaps it was a delayed flight, lost luggage, shoddy wifi connection, or rude service. Whatever the case may have been, did you consider asking for compensation?

Vacation days are typically owed to you as a part of your employee benefits package. If your vacation time is compromised due to the fault of a company whose services and amenities you paid for (e.g. a hotel, airline, restaurant, etc.), you should feel entitled to at least ask to be compensated for your valuable lost time.

Follow these tips to effectively advocate for yourself when you've received a poor product or service.

Be proactive and precise. Reach out to guest relations or customer service as soon as you realize something is amiss. Keep detailed notes of whom you spoke with and when (names, dates, times, conversations, etc.). It will support your case if you have to escalate the issue at a later time.


Always speak calmly, politely and with confidence. Since you may feel impatience or frustration from the bumps in your itinerary, plan out your points before you speak with customer services. Knowing what you need to say in advance will help you communicate clearly and keep your emotions in check. It never helps to approach any situation with anger or a pointing fing.


Know what you're asking for—but only ask for what you are fairly entitled to receive. If it's lost luggage, ask the airline to compensate a dollar amount equal to what you'd need to clothe yourself appropriately until your bag is found. If a noisy party is disturbing your rest, ask the hotel to comp the night or for a voucher for a future stay. Customer service representatives pride themselves in their work. A true service professional will likely advocate for your rights as a patron if you are clear, fair and consistent.


With more practice, even asking for that pay raise you deserve will be a cinch. Good luck!