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What Came Before Bollywood


As I reflect on last week's semifinals of Dancing with the Stars, I am continually impressed with its stiff competition. Maria Menounos and Derek Hough were eliminated last week, leaving the mirrorball trophy for Donald Driver, Katherine Jenkins, and William Levy to battle it out in the finals on Monday.

But, if there's any consolation to Maria and Derek's exit from the show, it's that it ended on such a high note. With nearly perfect scores from the judges, their dancing was at its peak. But another delight about their last night on the dance floor was the nod to Indian dance.

In their second dance this week, Maria and Derek were joined by an additional professional dancer in a "Bollywood-inspired Samba." While a far cry from classical Indian dance, it was refreshing to see hints of the culture's beautiful performing arts in the spotlight.

Although rarely found in television or live performance, Indian dance is gorgeous to behold, and I could only hope to see more of it.

(Photo courtesy of sheetalsaini via Flickr)