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Real Style, Real Women


“I’ve had a disaster of a morning,” exclaimed Katherine as she arrived at the studio the day of Verily’s “Runway to Realway” photo shoot.

Katherine is one of the four dear friends who graciously agreed to model for Verily’s Teaser Issue. Despite Katherine's rough start and my frantic running around (which always seems to happen last minute on set!) the moment she and the other women arrived, everything changed. The atmosphere was utterly positive from beginning to end. You never would have known it was a gray, dreary day by the excitement and fun we were having inside with our stylist, Jessie Artigue of Style & Pepper, make-up artist, Alexandra Brock, and photographer Anne-Marie Cheely; a truly all-star team.

With this feature, we aimed to curate inspirational spring runway trends and show how the rest of us can actually wear them; making fashion relatable, accessible, and real. All four of these women just glowed-wouldn’t you agree?!

As we were wrapping up at the end of the day, Katherine looked at me with her bright eyes and said with an appreciative smile, “I’ve never felt this beautiful.”

And that is exactly what Verily is all about.

Amber, Quite the Natural:)