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Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

What's the key to living according to your good intentions?


Most New Year’s resolutions have something to do with eating healthier, working out more, loving better, being happier, and so on. Personally, I've done a poor job of following through; I can't even remember what mine were!

Part of the issue might be that our goals weren't concise or clear enough to begin with. An even bigger part of the problem is that we know what we're supposed to do, but this is different from doing it. The trick is to take your big goals and carefully adapt them to fit your lifestyle, your schedule and your needs.

Recognize what you already know in your heart and in your mind you should be doing. Instead of pushing it to the back and trying to pretend it isn't there, slowly coax it to be a part of who you are in your every day life - say, by taking the stairs instead of the elevator once in a while. The good things we want to achieve are who we are meant to be. While plenty of us are guilty of it, we are not meant to be lazy or mysteriously forgetful. We're meant to be much more than we often give ourselves credit for.

Our goal isn’t to make you magically live a fuller, happier life; it’s to learn how to live a fuller, happier life with you. Trust me, we’re learning too! Come back and visit often, and maybe learn a thing or two.

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we'll share some practical tips from our lovely mothers on getting things done (hopefully) right next week. Share your mom’s/grandmother’s/aunt’s/sister’s everyday “get it done” tips with us in the comments below and we'll highlight the sweetest, most practical ones in our upcoming post!