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Behind-the-Scenes Beauty


For a little fun and extra laughs, we put together a slide show of a few behind-the-scenes photos chronicling the beauty shoot in Verily’s teaser issue. The editorial team braved the rain, crazy cab drivers, and funky lipstick hues as we ran around the streets in SoHo, New York, with our good friend and seriously talented photographer, Sean Christopher.

We chose to model this spring’s make-up trends, not because we love seeing pictures of ourselves (quite the opposite!) but rather to express the message and vision of what we are striving to accomplish within these pages. We all struggle from time to time to recognize that we are, in fact, undeniably beautiful. Verily hopes to draw forth authentic beauty - a loveliness that inspires - and to provide a place in which you may come to understand and know your own worth.

We had a lot of fun playing with makeup and discovering which hues felt just right for us. Enjoy our trek, and maybe even feel inspired to find a new brightly colored lipstick yourself!