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Co-Founder, Editor in Chief & Publisher

Kara is truly a business nerd at heart. Before starting Verily, she was on the investment team for Credit Suisse’s secondary private equity fund and has picked up experience in corporate finance, accounting, consulting, and investment banking. You’re just as likely to find her swooning over shoes and talking about Vampire Diaries as you are to hear her debating fiscal policy, and she has a serious weakness for cinnamon bread pudding.


    Co-Founder and Style Editor

    Nothing is more exciting to Janet than discovering and celebrating true beauty; whether that be through spontaneous photography, delighting in thrift store treasures, or simply being inspired by cherished girlfriends, women who know what is truly important in life. After interning for over a year at Elle Magazine, writing for as well as other online venues, Janet has a new found passion to explore fashion’s ability to enhance and highlight a woman’s irreplaceable worth.


      Executive Editor & Culture Editor

      Mary Rose is a writer and editor with years of experience in magazine publishing. Formerly managing editor of First Things and The New Atlantis, she has written articles and organized events on women’s issues for several publications and organizations. In 2013 she completed a Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship exploring the connections between sex trafficking and pornography. Among her favorite things in life are Latin dancing, karaoke, and a Basil Hayden manhattan on the rocks.


        Managing Editor

        Maggie is Verily's Managing Editor. Previously, she worked at Ladies' Home Journal (#ladiesforlife). She's passionate about telling real women's stories and helping them live authentically. She's also obsessed with puppies, nail polish, and all things Downton Abbey. Follow her on her blog and on Twitter @m_niemiec.


          Relationships Editor

          Plucked from a life in advertising at TIME Magazine, Monica has found her true passion in storytelling. Never a “relationship expert” but always learning from her mistakes, Monica shares her thoughts on relationships and womanhood and surveys cultural trends. Monica can be found watching old movies, telling highly animated stories to her friends, or playing with her many nieces & nephews.

            KRIZIA LIQUIDO

            Lifestyle Editor

            A "jill-of-all-trades", Krizia has produced tech programs, served in Teach For America with an M.S.Ed. in English, and represented the Miss America program with a platform on preserving the arts in education. After living in Barcelona for 2 years, this L.A. native now edits and writes from Manhattan with her husband, 2 daughters, and an affinity for all things food, travel and Disney.

              KATHERINE TORRES

              Art Director

              Katherine is a graphic designer, art consultant, and professional calligrapher. Formerly art director of The Weekly Standard and Philanthropy Magazine, Katherine has worked on numerous publications and freelance projects ranging from book design to wedding invitations. On the side, she is a natural gardener and saltwater fish enthusiast. She lives with her husband and five children in Alexandria, Virginia.

                HARUKA SAKAGUCHI

                Graphic Designer

                Haruka is a graphic designer residing in Brooklyn, NY. In 2013, she launched her own design studio The Denizen Co., where she also documents her love for travel and photography. When Haruka is not designing, coding or nerding out over typefaces, she can be found writing, camping, backpacking and dreaming about her future microhouse cabin in the woods.

                  SOPHIE CALDECOTT

                  Headline Writer

                  Sophie has loved writing ever since she could first hold a pen. She has a Masters in Magazine Journalism and has, amongst other things, worked as a Section Editor for the Ethical Fashion Forum in London. A daydreamer and a glasses-half-full kind of girl, she has a passion for empowering women and promoting ethical consumer choices.

                    BRIEHN TRUMBAUER

                    Copy Editor

                    Alaska-born and Texas-raised, Briehn has now called NYC home since 2011. A study abroad stint in Pamplona, Spain, during college confirmed her wanderlust (and love of Spanish candy). Briehn works at Ralph Lauren as the wholesale online copy editor and previously interned at New York Family magazine. She fills her weeknights with volleyball, book club, and trying out new recipes. She has a slight obsession with pugs and strongly believes that leopard print makes everything better.