Easter Dresses Under $100

The Easter season—what a glorious time of year! As a little girl, I remember skipping about in excitement, waiting for the Sunday I would don my new Easter dress with white tights and Mary Janes. Why not bring back that same spirit of joyful anticipation? Whether you’ll spend the morning at church or over brunch and… Read More


Spring’s Best Nail Hues

I’m dreaming of the days to come where we’ll lounge by the poolside, soak in the hot sun, and laze away the day by painting our nails and toes. Can’t you just feel it? Well, even though we aren’t donning shorts yet, one can still dream and get into a springy mood with these colorful nail lacquers! This… Read More


Break the Rules, Not the Bank: Poppin’ Tags

Today’s post is an homage to an item in our closet that works overtime and a tribute to the trinkets that make its blue-collar work possible. While not the traditional idea of a blank canvas, denim button-downs have long been nudging the white blouse off the hangers of daywear’s go-to status, and today we take… Read More


Steals and Deals: Spring Sandal Sales

It’s safe to say we’re itching for warmer weather, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the final cold front has passed. What better time to put a little skip in your step by stocking up on spring and summer sandals? Go ahead, make your feet and wallet happy! This spring’s sales bring us chunky wedges in… Read More


Style DIY: Statement Collar Tee

Images by Chelsey Heidorn Photography  I have a drawer full of comfortable tees I frequent week to week. A few have remained untouched, so I thought it was time to give them a little makeover—a new twist to the everyday threads! With just a few supplies you can turn an ordinary T-shirt  into a Statement Collar Tee. Supplies:… Read More