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Shop the Look: Think Outside the Cube

Depending on your office environment, workwear can mean many different things.  In our August / September issue Verily proves that corporate doesn’t have to mean stuffy and home office doesn’t necessarily mean pajama pants. With the help of Style blogger, Brynn Elliot WatkinsVerily features inspiration for those of us in a corporate, education, creative, or at-home setting. Here we’ve rounded up a few more looks to keep dressing for the work day interesting!



Classic pieces like a button down and trousers exude professionalism. Stick with those silhouettes, but add your own twist. We mixed a black and white printed button down with black pants and pointy-toed heels for a look that says serious and stylish.



Different variations on a theme will make for easy dressing each morning and comfort throughout the day. Liven up basics with texture, pattern, and color play—a dotted sweater and cobalt pencil skirt make a perfect match with the always-comfortable and chic suede Oxford shoe.



Since a creative field lacks expectations on what to wear, there is a world of opportunity to celebrate your personal style. We love this bohemian floral dress paired with red pumps that balances a free spirit and hard-working attitude.



Working from home can vary day to day, and in order to maximize time and efficiency, the jeans-and-a-t-shirt look is our friend. Add interest to your basics with a few sartorial updates, like a printed tunic, tailored “sweatshirt” blazer, wine corduroys instead of denim, and printed black loafers.

By: Nicole Caruso

Nicole is the Beauty Editor of Verily Magazine. Makeup artist and city girl at heart, Nicole’s passion for all things fashion and beauty developed at an early age. Her inspiration draws from art, period fashion, film, and her travels. Her goal is to help women have renewed confidence by discovering their inherent beauty.

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  1. Debby Taves says:

    Wow!!! Heard your new radio show on Serius XM 106 and it intrigued me to want to go on line and see your new magazine. It is everything you described it to be…the fashion is totally wearable and beautiful, and the models truly are unique, not the industry’s tired examples of the skinny, pouty women that seem so standard everywhere in print. It feels like the window just opened and a fresh breeze just blew in..Good luck with this venture! As a 62 years young woman I think its about time your vision and voice gets heard. Bring it on!!!

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