Healthy Items For Your Grocery List

During our busiest days, finding the time to prep a healthy meal can prove a Herculean task. Eating foods made from home instead of dining out spares calories, fat, sodium, and money—great for your health and your wallet. A little planning and prep work will give you a huge leg


Best Free Fitness Channels on YouTube

Gym memberships and fancy workout classes don’t always fit into our budgets. But these free fitness channels on YouTube let us work up a sweat, without even leaving the house! 01. BeFit On this channel from Lionsgate, well-known trainers like Jillian Michaels, Jane Fonda, and Tara Stiles help you target

Learn from the Pros: Make Your Date Night Dinner a Hit

If “dinner date night at home” sounds more like a kitchen nightmare than a quiet romantic evening, you’re in good company. As someone whose cooking repertoire maxes out at tacos, I decided to get some professional help to make a date night dinner worth remembering. Enter: Kitchensurfing. The start-up allows

Host a DIY Flower Arranging Party

If you’re anything like us, your Pinterest DIY board is really code for “probably never going to do this.” When it comes to DIY-ing boards full of gorgeous flower arrangements, the experimentation process might seem fun, but honestly, a bit pricey. Rather than spend a bundle on blooms only to

Easy Italian: Gluten-Free, Vegan Cannellini Salad

Cannellini beans are, in my mind, the very symbol of fall in Tuscany and summer in the beaches of Romagna. Also known as kidney beans, they are protagonists of most Tuscan hearty soups, like ribollita or minestrone. But those white, elongated legumes definitely represent one of the most common additions

5 Workout Trends Reviewed by a Novice Gym-Goer

When it comes to group exercise, I have no idea what I’m doing. In all of my twenty-three-and-a-half years, I’ve only ever participated in one fitness class. Now that I’m a college graduate and a certified GAW (grown-ass-woman), I decided to give the organized sweat sesh phenomenon another go. I

Summer Salad Recipe: Intense Balsamic Lentils & Spinach

Sometimes I can’t help but think of legumes as the kid at school who always gets picked last when assembling a soccer team⎯but who is actually the one with the most potential. Many people are intimidated by legumes, but they have tons of upside: they’re nutritious, they’re full of protein and

Food Origami: Potstickers Three Ways & DIY Dumplings

I can still remember the first time I ever had a guotie–translated literally “potstick,” or, you guessed it, “potsticker”–in a Shanghai breakfast house as a child. My household tended towards wonton soup and boiled dumplings, so my first experience crunching into a fried potsticker, stuffed with a juicy pork filling


Tips to Help You Beat the Moving Blues

Whether it’s for a new job, an old relationship, or a change of pace, moving can stress even the calmest among us. Packing up your whole life and carrying it somewhere new is no easy task, even if somewhere new is an apartment upgrade seven blocks east. When your future