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Brown Butter Cheddar Apple Crumble For Two

Crumble, crisp, cobbler, slump, brown betty, pandowdy. It’s a dessert that goes by endless names and faces, but its heart is simplicity: fresh fruit tucked under a blanket of something warmly spiced and buttery, and baked until fragrant and soft underneath and richly crisp on top. Unlike its flighty pie


10 Superfoods You’re Probably Already Eating

Most busy women would agree that staying healthy can be quite the task. Between work, school, kids, and everything in between, it can be hard to keep track of what you’re eating. What’s a girl to do? Try adding a few superfoods into your diet to get an extra nutritional bang for

Homemade Healthy Breakfast: Sweet and Savory Granola

Actually, eating breakfast is a tricky proposition at best. We’re told we should, and yet, somewhere between our good intentions and reality, it often falls to the wayside. Too busy! Not hungry! Where’s my coffee? Running out the door during rush hour! Getting some nutrients in the morning doesn’t have to be a

5 Foods to Fight PMS

Getting your period may be a natural part of being a woman, but it’s still a total pain. Bloating, headaches, moodiness, cravings, and fatigue are just some premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms that can make the pre-period week uncomfortable and unpleasant for you—and for anyone who stands between you and the


Easy Ways to Get Fit While You Work

We know it’s important to be active and to go to the gym but a new study from The Women’s Health Initiative found that may not be enough. With a link between a sedentary lifestyle and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, it’s evident that going to the gym an


Learning to Conquer Self-Doubt and Own Your Career Success

Over brunch recently, a friend was excitedly telling me about a new job she just accepted. But after I congratulated her, she said with a distressed expression, “I’m worried I won’t be able to succeed. Maybe I played up my skills too much in the interview. What if I start my training

Host an Easy Labor Day Picnic in the City

Living in New York City (or any city, for that matter) can present a unique set of challenges. Battling for Saturday night cabs. Fourth floor walk-ups. Laundry. In the summertime, friends with outdoor space, whether a backyard or a rooftop with a skyline view, are few and far between. If