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Day to Night Style: Summer Shift

Hello, everyone! As you may know my name is Jane, and you can also find me blogging over at Jane Reaction. Today I’m delighted to share my fourth post in this Day to Night series for Verily! (See also my first, second, and third posts of this series.)

Autumn is just around the corner with the promise of crisper air and falling leaves. So, why not transform your favorite summer dress into something appropriate for the cooler days and nights ahead? Layer a light lace dress with a black, leather bomber jacket and rugged western boots for a cool day look. Transition into evening by pairing that darling lace dress with opaque, black tights and a touch of gold jewelry. For an element of surprise, add a pop of color with cobalt blue wedges and you’re ready to go!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the weather cools off, I am totally dying to try out this exact outfit!

Dress: Anthropologie (This little number is on sale at right now!)

Day: Jacket / Boots
Night: Jewelry / Tights / Shoes



Erin Jane Riley
By: Janet Sahm

- Co-Founder and Style Editor. Nothing is more exciting to Janet than discovering and celebrating true beauty; whether that be through spontaneous photography, delighting in thrift store treasures, or simply being inspired by cherished girlfriends, women who know what is truly important in life. After interning for over a year at Elle Magazine, writing for as well as other online venues, Janet has a new found passion to explore fashion’s ability to enhance and highlight a woman’s irreplaceable worth.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Does it make sense to have the jacket on for the day look and no jacket for the night look? I would switch that one item over and say this is a great post : )

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