Spring Reading: 5 Books that Remind Me of Who I Hope To Be

We all have books that have shaped us as a person. And given the arrival of spring—a season known for starting fresh—I find myself returning to the books that have touched me most: the important books I reread to both remember the person I was when I first read them and to inspire the person… Read More


Body Image: Healthy to Zero in 60 Seconds

How long does it take an image to change your perception of beauty? One minute. A recent study by PLos ONE indicates that when presented with an image from a magazine it takes as little as sixty seconds to alter a person’s definition of what is attractive. The study found that when college-aged women were… Read More


Millennial Moms Charting Their Own Course

As a twenty-something mom, freelancing from home, I spend my days changing diapers one minute and marketing my own business on social media the next. When trying to identify with “my peers,” I tend to feel out of place with my creative, career-minded Millennials who are putting off marriage and children. And yet, when I… Read More


Spring Break Pandora Stations

It’s finally spring! This long winter has taken a toll on all of us, and I think I speak for everyone when I say “hallelujah!” Whether or not you have a Spring Break trip in your near future, why not set the stage for a spring-break state of mind? Here are some Pandora stations to stream the springtime… Read More

Mt Rushmore for the Ladies Homepage

A Mount Rushmore for the Ladies

If someone could take a knife and introduce verve and curve into that half-finished rock out in South Dakota, what gracious faces would emerge? In honor of Women’s History Month, here’s a fun question: Who would you like to see on a women’s Mount Rushmore? Traipsing through the annals of history, one pays homage to… Read More