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Pop Culture Watch

We’re back with another installment of your need-to-know entertainment news. Check out what we can’t stop talking about around the Verily office this week. WATCH The New York Times published a beautiful short film this week on one man’s commitment to his wife after her diagnosis with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Filmmaker Banker


The Rise of Sexual Violence on the American Campus

The reality of sexual assault is one that too many young men and women have to confront before receiving their college diplomas. When I graduated only two years ago, I could count several friends who told me about their assaults during our undergraduate careers. Since graduation, many more of my


On Blake Lively, and Being a True Hollywood Rebel

Poor Blake Lively. The Hollywood starlet just wants a normal life. Well . . . sort of.  That’s what she implied in last month’s Vogue, where she landed on the coveted cover. After being propelled to fame by the hit series Gossip Girl, the blonde bombshell did the unexpected and stepped away


Pop Culture Watch

WATCH Catch the pilot episode of A to Z on NBC. The show follows Andrew (a romantic who works for an internet dating site) and Zelda (a skeptic who is a lawyer). They will date for eight months, three weeks, five days, and one hour. And the show promises to


Being a Woman in Comedy Is No Laughing Matter

Maybe the flip side of the maxim that boys don’t cry is that girls don’t tell jokes. Of course, we live in modern times, where men cry and women tell jokes. Quite a lot of them tell jokes, in fact. While many of us are still mourning that the seventh and final


Pop Culture Watch

Part of our job at Verily is to be in the know with all things pop culture. With plenty of Internet browsing and chatting around the office, we’ve curated our favorite happenings from the week in an easy digest just for you. Be sure to check back next week for more of what we

What Gwen Stefani’s Breastfeeding Instagram Photo Says About Motherhood

Recently, Gwen Stefani received some attention for posting an Instagram photo of her breastfeeding her five-month-old son Apollo. Many have reacted wondering if the photo was meant as a statement. As a mother who also breastfeeds, I was heartened by how casual Stefani looked. The picture wasn’t hyperfocused on what she was doing, but


Murder Mystery Novels We Can’t Put Down This Summer

There’s no better summer read than a page-turner mystery or thriller. And while novels by Gillian Flynn or Janet Evanovich may be popular choices, I’ve always been a fan of the old-fashioned suspense authors. It may be tempting to pick up that worn Agatha Christie, abut there are a host of lesser-known female