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  • toned-arms
    Easy Exercises for Toned Arms

    When was the last time you thought about your arms? We often take these appendages, like most of our body, for granted. But how much do we use them in our day-to-day lives? They help us get out of bed in the morning, make meals during the day, and brush our teeth at night. Having stronger

  • healthy-smoothies-slider
    Get Your Vitamin Fix with These Tasty Smoothies

    A smoothie is a convenient, tasty way to add a couple servings of fruits and vegetables to your day. What’s the difference between juicing and blending? When it comes to nutrients and fiber, plenty. Juicing is a process that extracts most of the water and nutrients from produce and discards

  • Olanow_yogurt
    Get Healthy by Taking Care of Your Tummy

    You’ve probably heard the term “gut bacteria” being thrown around recently (especially in advertisements for yogurt and probiotics), and if you’re like us, you’ve been wondering what the heck it means. Before you start cringing, hear us out. These bacteria help move things along in your digestive system, but the tiny organisms

  • summer-work-out-warm-weather
    7 Warm-Weather Workouts That Don’t Feel Like Work

    I love running in the winter. Sure, it starts off icy cold, but half a mile in, I’m feeling warm, and the chill soon melts away. Running in warm weather is the opposite story. It feels like there’s a heater blowing in my face. I’m slower and less energetic. By the time

  • packed-lunches-spring
    Healthy Packed Lunch Inspiration For the Spring

    Feel like you’re in a lunchtime rut? It’s time to bring back some excitement to your midday meal! A wealth of fresh fruits and veggies abound in the spring, making this the perfect opportunity to spring-clean your lunch routine. The best produce this season includes asparagus, avocados, and berries—all easy to incorporate into

  • happy-healthy-women
    7 Secrets of Happy, Healthy Women

    Ever see those women who always seem to be in a great mood and are genuinely happy? Well you can be one of them, too! As you may have guessed, being deeply satisfied in life isn’t necessarily dependent on having your dream job or boyfriend. So what’s the key? We did

  • healthy-fats
    Why These Healthy Fats Need To Be A Part Of Your Diet

    Remember the low-fat diet trend of the nineties? Thankfully the idea that eating a low-fat diet is good has been debunked, as more and more research shows fat is actually good for you—and a necessary part of any healthy lifestyle! Women in particular need to eat fats to keep our reproductive system healthy. As

  • Yacoub_Setback
    How to Stop a Setback From Ruining Your Day

    I recently had a morning that was like most other mornings. Sure, the kids were a handful and my husband left his wet towel on the bed (again). But that didn’t really matter—in fact, as I sat in traffic, the thought crossed my mind that this could turn out to be a great day. Then annoyed honking woke

  • YurieJulia_baby
    Regaining Confidence After Giving Birth

    Becoming a mom is one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences for a woman. But it can also be one of the most daunting. During pregnancy your body morphs into an almost unrecognizable version of yourself—which is beautiful, but also mind-bending. No matter how many books you read about life after

  • Messenger_career
    5 Ways a Less-Than-Ideal Job Can Help You Build a Successful Career

    In an over-saturated job market, more and more people are putting aside chasing their dream job settling for starter jobs to pay the bills. This is clearly a boon for your bank account, but are you setting yourself up for long-term success by taking something that you think is “just for