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  • sleep-better-tonight
    10 Expert Tips to Help You Get Better Sleep Tonight

    This article is brought to you by one of our publishing partners, Crane & Canopy. They began with a goal to deliver modern luxury bedding without the middleman markups. The result? High-quality, beautifully designed home goods at an innovative price point. Check them out at When was the last time you got a truly

  • stresses-motherhood
    Tips to Help You Manage the Stress of Motherhood

    It’s a well-known fact that moms can feel lost, stressed, and joyful all at the same time. If you’re a mom, you also know that it’s easy to question whether you’re doing a good job at all. Well, I have something to tell you: You’re a great mom. You are the sun

  • Restaurant
    Teach Yourself to Be a Savvy Menu Reader

    If you’re an average woman today, food is the main focus of many a social outing—we’re talking brunch, work dinners, girls’ nights out, date night. A woman’s gotta eat, after all! But eating out can be a challenge if you want to maintain healthy eating habits. If you want to make better moves

  • Block_focus_slider3
    How to Quit Procrastinating and Improve Your Concentration at Work

    I’m going to be honest with you. When I sat down at my computer to research and write this article, I envisioned typing out my findings and thoughts. I’d edit it a little bit and then move on to other projects. What happened is a whole other story. First, I opened my

  • Patel_shopping_Slider
    Do I Have to Buy Organic, And Other Grocery List Questions Answered

    Choosing how to spend your grocery dollars is tough, especially when it comes to understanding aisle after aisle of ever-increasing labels and options. Even with the best prep work and shopping list, you could spend hours in the store debating animal rights, environmental impact, and taste options. “Free range,” “grass-fed,”

  • hobbies-winter
    New Hobbies to Try Before the Winter Ends

    Cold weather often seems like a great excuse to hole up at home and do nothing. Why not use it as an excuse to try something new instead? From skiing to sewing, brisk weather is the perfect backdrop. Take advantage of it before it slips away! 01. Winter Sports We still have

  • destress-desk
    Simple Ways to De-Stress at Your Desk

    Does your job ever stress you out? You’re not alone! Eighty-three percent of Americans say that some aspect of their job causes stress. While a spa day or last-minute beach vacation seems like the ideal way to de-stress, those options aren’t always possible. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with the stress.

  • quit-your-job-dignity
    How to Leave Your Job On Good Terms

    Unlike our parents’ generation, the comings and goings of colleagues have become a more ordinary occurrence in the workplace. In fact, according to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median amount of time a worker has been with their current employer is 4.6 years. Eventually—whether complex circumstances arise

  • motivation-exercise-short-term-benefits
    6 Immediate Benefits of Exercise

    At Verily, we view exercise not as a means to drop jean sizes, but as part of a lifelong commitment to be strong, healthy, and happy women. And while exercise has plenty of awesome long-term benefits like boosting your immune system and maintaining a healthy heart, it has some great short-term benefits,

  • dorayaki-slider
    The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Recipe

    The most polarizing holiday of the year is upon us. Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? All talk of flowers, chocolate, and Hallmark cards aside, I kind of love Valentine’s Day. It gives me license to take all the food we’d normally be eating anyway… and make kitschy hearts