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  • Messenger_career
    5 Ways a Less-Than-Ideal Job Can Help You Build a Successful Career

    In an over-saturated job market, more and more people are putting aside chasing their dream job settling for starter jobs to pay the bills. This is clearly a boon for your bank account, but are you setting yourself up for long-term success by taking something that you think is “just for

  • NoPhone
    Signs You Need a Digital Detox

    We live in an always connected world. We keep our smartphones at our fingertips. We use many screens at once. And the answers to our questions are just a quick Google search away. This connectedness is good, enabling innovation and speeding communication. But it can be harmful if we let it consume our

  • Listening
    5 Ways to Become a Better Listener

    Picture this: You’re out to lunch with a friend and she’s venting about her most recent conflict with her boss. You’re listening intently. Then your eyes wander to your phone. You see a notification pop up. Your curiosity gets the best of you and you can’t resist checking it. It

  • ask-for-raise
    How to Ask for a Raise: Advice from Top Female Professionals

    Originally published on Career Contessa, written by Elana Lyn Gross I asked for a raise for the first time last year. Asking for what I thought I deserved and having a frank discussion about money was definitely outside of my comfort zone—but I did it anyway. I researched the typical salary

  • emotional-eating
    Tips to Beat Emotional Eating and Make More Nutritious Choices

    When you’ve got a lot on your mind, sometimes it’s easy to start thinking that greasy take-out dinner or a pint of ice cream is just the thing to give you a boost. We’ve all been there! But when you try to fix your feelings by eating, you’re more likely to make less

  • essential-oils
    Using Essential Oils to Combat Stress, Treat Acne, and More

    In our pop-a-pill world, the idea of natural remedies is not only a foreign concept to many people, but can seem like downright voodoo magic. But just because a remedy wasn’t created by a pharmaceutical company or prescribed by a doctor, doesn’t mean it can’t have very real benefits for your well-being.

  • st-pattys-slider
    Irish-Inspired Treats and Decor to Help You Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

    St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re channeling a bit of Irish luck! We’re bringing in the festivities with a classy and clever touch of green. We’ve scoured the interwebs and found plenty of Irish inspiration to help you celebrate this March 17. From homemade treats and decor to hitting the

  • friend-who-just-had-baby
    Thoughtful Ways to Help A New Mom

    Being a new mom (whether for the first or fourth time) is a wonderful experience. But it’s also an intense period of change that can quickly become overwhelming. It’s no surprise that many new moms feel isolated. In fact, a Mother & Baby magazine survey found that new moms spend only 90 minutes a day on

  • food-allergies
    How to Make A Friend With Food Allergies Feel At Ease

    Celebrated food writer M.F.K. Fisher said, “First we eat, then we do everything else.” Whether it’s a client dinner, a date, or brunch with the girls, a shared meal can be a place to nourish body, mind, and soul. But for the 15 million Americans living with food allergies, mealtime

  • Ito_yogaslider
    Strengthening Yoga Moves Even the Non-Flexible Can Master

    Yoga is one of the best ways to get fit, especially when you have limited amounts of free time on your hands. Doing a few moves between meetings and errands will help you feel stronger and refreshed. Yet for those of us who can’t touch our toes with ease, following an instructor or video tutorial can be quite