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  • low-self-esteem
    5 Myths About Low Self-Esteem Debunked

    Positive self-esteem can seem like such a fleeting thing. One moment, we’re feeling great about ourselves, and the next, a passing comment or unexpected outcome leaves us feeling totally discouraged. Are we just unstable messes, or is there something more at work here? First it might help to define self-esteem. Self-esteem is the emotional judgment of

  • Messenger_Travel
    5 Travel Organization Tips For the Holidays That the Pros Swear By

    The holidays are a notoriously tricky time to navigate accommodations, fares, and itineraries. November and December fares are generally up nearly 40 percent even before July is over. This isn’t the only way companies have figured out how to get the most out of their customers over the holidays. But

  • grape-jam-slider
    The Best Thanksgiving Hostess Gift: Homemade All-Natural Grape Jam

    Remember those gigantic tins of flavored popcorn? (Just admit it, the fake cheddar stuff is amazing.) Or the Harry and David gift baskets—with their incredible truffles and almonds and pears—that always seem to make their way into offices this time of year? We’re never at a loss for overpriced edible

  • life-skills-in-one-weekend
    10 Essential Life Skills You Can Master in No Time

    Whether you’re fresh out of school or simply navigating this world we call “adulthood,” it can be exciting to be making decisions for yourself. Exploring new cities, signing your lease, and picking out your own decorative pillows—why, it’s an independent woman’s dream! But there are plenty of pesky responsibilities to

  • spa-steam
    Beat Stress and Muscle Pain with an Easy At-Home Massage

    A good massage is hard to top. The lights are low. The music is calming, and you lie blissfully on the table while a therapist kneads away your knotted muscles. Now flash forward to reality. Massages are expensive, and you might not have the time for regular treatments. That’s where self-massage comes

  • football-party-slider
    A Healthy Spin on Our Favorite Football Party Foods

    Whether you’re tailgating outdoors or enjoying your favorite teams from home, the actual football game is only part of the party. Setting out a spread of appetizers, snacks, and beer is just as big of a highlight! Traditional tailgating fare is high on junk and low on nutrition, but the good news is

  • pap-smear
    Your Pap Smear Questions Answered

    From breast health to menstrual cycles, we ladies have a lot to keep tabs on. And at your next gynecologist appointment, you may find yourself adding a Pap smear to the list. You know it’s important, and you know you need to get it—do you know why? A Pap smear

  • mid-career-slump
    Expert Tips on How to Handle the Mid-Career Slump

    A few weeks shy of 25, and the majority of my peers have risen from unpaid internships to gainful employment. Sometimes we even skip the Anthropologie sale room, because, hey, we can sort of afford the full price stuff now. No longer pursuing entry-level gigs, we’ve traded cubicle chasing to

  • table-runner-slider
    8 Romantic No-Sew DIY Table Runners for the Holidays

    One thing I love about the holidays is that they’re an excuse to deck out our dining table in what my husband would otherwise deem “random crap.” Candles, gilded gourds, pine cones, you name it—if it’s November, it’s on my table runner. I inherited this penchant for tablescapes from my crafty mother

  • saying-no-to-your-boss-2
    How to Say “No” to Your Boss and Become More Productive at Work

    Does the thought of telling your boss “no” when he or she asks you for something make you break out in sweat? I think we can all relate–we want to be viewed as a competent team player willing to get the job done. But saying yes to every project sent your way