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  • make-your-wedding-dress-your-own-slider
    The Myth of the Perfect Wedding Dress

    As a child, I would carefully wrap delicate toilette paper around my dear Barbie dolls and design one-of-a-kind wedding gowns for their big day. I’d set the stage for the ceremony and prop up my Dimitri doll (from the 1997 animated classic Anastasia) as the groom. With great thought and

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    Food & Drink
    4 DIY Infused Salt Recipes for the Holidays

    Adding infused sea salts to your cooking is a great way to add both complexity and depth to any recipe. The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune on specialty salts—they’re easy to make and can be infused with a variety of flavors. I love experimenting with different combinations of herbs,

  • casual-dating
    A Case for Casual Dating for the Marriage-Minded

    A few years ago, when a man I was very intrigued by called me to ask for a date, I was elated. So elated that I broke one of my cardinal rules of dating—I closed myself off to other men who were expressing romantic interest, but hadn’t yet asked for a

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    While You Were Out: Malala Wins, T. Swift Is At It Again, and Tory Burch Shares Her Story

    “While You Were Out,” is a Friday feature of short notes and commentary from the week. Whether it’s something you’d discuss at the water cooler or at happy hour, you’ll find it on our grid, together with our opinion as to whether whether it’s praiseworthy or cringeworthy. We’re pleased to

  • nail-polish
    Our 5 Favorite Five-Free Nail Polishes for Fall

    If you love nail polish, you’ve probably heard of new “five-free” brands. So what’s the deal? In many nail polishes, there are five ingredients that have been found to be irritants or linked to health issues: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, camphor, and formaldehyde resin. The occasional use of nail polish is not

  • how-do-you-wear-it-leopard
    How Do You Wear It? Our Editors Show Off Their Leopard Print

    We at Verily love keeping tabs on the current runway trends and trying to translate them in our everyday lives. But, to be honest, we take most of our style inspiration from the women we know who have fabulous taste, an eye for detail, and a courageous spirit when it comes to their wardrobes.

  • meghan-trainor
    All About That Bass: Mean Girl or Girl Power?

    Meghan Trainor’s surprise chart topper “All About That Bass” catapulted the twenty-one-year-old from an unknown songwriter to a celebrity overnight. With Trainor’s smoky and personable voice, the lyrics’ impish confidence, and the song’s doo-wop charm, the hit makes sense. Yet much of the news about the song’s recent peak on

  • man-whos-ready-to-commit
    Gentleman Speak: 6 Signs a Man is Ready to Commit

    I’ve been told that women dread getting too involved with a so-called commitment-phobe. The fact that I continue to hear Marc Anthony’s hit song “Need to Know” in any context other than a roller rink seems to indicate that the are-we-aren’t-we question is still a relevant one in people’s lives.

  • gender-differences
    Men and Women Are Different. So What?

    “Is your brain male or female?” a doctor at BBC News recently asked, adding to the growing cultural conversation on whether men and women have innate differences. Last year, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania claimed to have discovered that male and female brains are wired differently. These claims were

  • copper-slider
    Home & Entertainment
    5 DIY Ways to Add Copper Accents to Your Home, and a Giveaway!

    Like the guilty pleasure TV series you hope won’t be cancelled now that you’ve caught on late (we’re looking at you, Grey’s Anatomy), copper has been enjoying its moment—for the past three years. This decor trend may have staying power. But in case it doesn’t, there’s no need to buy expensive copper