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  • Block_fitness_final
    Healthy Living
    Easy Ways to Get Fit While You Work

    We know it’s important to be active and to go to the gym but a new study from The Women’s Health Initiative found that may not be enough. With a link between a sedentary lifestyle and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, it’s evident that going to the gym an

  • PCW_8_28
    Pop Culture Watch

    We’re back with another installment of your need-to-know entertainment news. Check out what we can’t stop talking about around the Verily office this week. WATCH The New York Times published a beautiful short film this week on one man’s commitment to his wife after her diagnosis with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Filmmaker Banker

  • owning-your-career-success
    Learning to Conquer Self-Doubt and Own Your Career Success

    Over brunch recently, a friend was excitedly telling me about a new job she just accepted. But after I congratulated her, she said with a distressed expression, “I’m worried I won’t be able to succeed. Maybe I played up my skills too much in the interview. What if I start my training

  • rape-on-campus
    The Rise of Sexual Violence on the American Campus

    The reality of sexual assault is one that too many young men and women have to confront before receiving their college diplomas. When I graduated only two years ago, I could count several friends who told me about their assaults during our undergraduate careers. Since graduation, many more of my

  • friends-giving-advice
    How to Know Whether to Seek Your Friend’s Guidance

    Whether you’re dealing with a breakup or deciding if you should get bangs, you’re going to come to a crossroad in your life when you just need the opinion of a friend. According to a Purdue University study, there are serious benefits to getting a second opinion. Friends can help you understand

  • drugstore-slider
    Affordable Makeup Essentials from Your Local Drugstore

    I love high-performing drugstore makeup. My first-ever makeup was a Maybelline Shine-Free Pressed Powder I bought with a day’s worth of saved lunch money. After decades of loving all things makeup, I still ask these two questions when it comes to purchasing beauty products: What can it do for me? And what

  • relationships-worth-fighting-for
    Could Therapy Save Your Relationship?

    At the purely therapeutic level, there are three red flags in a relationship that imply that therapy is contra-indicated, meaning it won’t work. The first is evidence of a pattern of domestic violence. If one partner is being physically or emotionally abused, therapy is ineffective (and irresponsible). The second is