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  • oxblood-slider-large
    How to Rock Bold, Oxblood Lips With Any Skin Tone

    Wondering if you can pull off the oh-so-fabulous oxblood lip for fall? Well, great news: No matter your skin tone, you can rock this statement look. The key to successfully pulling it off is balancing your lips with the rest of your face and finding the right shade for you. For extra

  • Sharpe_Princess
    A Disney Prince Quiz Won’t Help You Find Your Perfect Guy

    Have you ever found yourself on a slow day at work thinking “I wonder which Disney prince would be right for me?” No, not you? Well if my Facebook newsfeed is any indicator, every other woman on the planet has Disney prince compatibility on the mind. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about; we’ve all been there. One minute

  • sneakers-slider
    Outfit Ideas
    Modern and Fresh Ways to Pull off the Casual-Chic Sneaker Trend

    If there’s one trend that will bring a sigh of relief, it’s the wave of casual-chic sneakers. Comfortable fashion? We’re happy to hop on board! There are a few tricks to pull off the look so it’s modern and fresh, rather than lazy or gym rat-esque. A few shoes that

  • diy-lamp-slider
    Make Your Own Stunning Minimalist Copper Lamp

    Finding a modern, minimalist lamp with an affordable price tag is tough. But if you’re willing to invest a little bit of time, you can easily DIY a custom lamp to suit your taste and space. I’m digging the copper trend right now, and luckily, copper pipe lends itself well

  • assisted-suicide
    Death with Dignity? Assisted Suicide Is Not The Answer

    By now, you’ve probably heard of Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old with terminal brain cancer who has become an advocate for assisted suicide. For a brief recap, Maynard penned a now-viral op-ed for CNN, detailing the painful degeneration she faces as someone with brain cancer, and her rationale for deciding to take her own

  • shared-meaning-in-a-relationship
    3 Steps to Building a Happy Relationship Based On Shared Goals

    There is some competing wisdom for what makes a happy couple. Do birds of a feather flock together? Or do opposites attract? I actually don’t think it matters. Personally, I think compatibility (or lack thereof) is overrated. Couples of all shapes, sizes, nationalities, and creeds have the ability to make

  • Slider10_24
    While You Were Out: “Twerking is Not Feminism,” and Other Things We Learned this Week

    “While You Were Out,” is a Friday feature of short notes and commentary from the week. Whether it’s something you’d discuss at the water cooler or at happy hour, you’ll find it on our grid, together with our opinion as to whether it’s praiseworthy or cringeworthy. We’re pleased to bring

  • fall-date-ideas
    Fall Date Ideas to Help You Savor the Season

    The time has come for reveling in light jackets, pumpkin everything, and the strangely delightful scent of decomposing leaves. But soon all the color and pumpkin lattes will be gone and you’ll be covered head to toe in down and wool. So don’t let fall pass away without enjoying the

  • healthy-snack-slider
    Food & Drink
    11 Fresh Ideas for Healthy Packed Lunches

      Packing a homemade lunch saves money and saves you from the mid-afternoon food coma that comes with takeout. But the same old lunch routine can turn into a rut. Did you know that a well-proportioned lunch comes in threes? A little starch, a little protein, and a lot of

  • coping-with-stress
    Healthy Living
    Get Better at Handling Stress by Fighting These 10 Unhealthy Habits

    When it comes to responding to stress, the possibilities are endless. So how do we know if our mechanism for coping is doing us more harm than good? You may feel like you can’t function without coffee or you find yourself hankering for a smoke as anxiety sets in. You